VTweb.com Website Marketing, Hosting, Design and Database programming


Secure Server
For clients who need secure forms on their web sites, this service allows web visitors to use your web site to transmit sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and personal information. VTweb extends the use of our secure certificate to our hosting clients at no charge.

(VTweb offers secure form hosting to non-VTweb clients for a charge of $50/yr)

CGI scripting is used for interactive forms and other programming features that add dynamic content to your site. VTweb runs Shell and Perl scripts. Clients may provide their own CGI scripts.

Server Side Includes allows dynamic web page creation.

Messages and form results from your web site can be faxed to you immediately. No need to log on frequently during the day to check for orders/messages. Allows quick response to requests from your web site.

Databases provide dynamic web sites, with pages making active queries of Access-style databases.

Clients receive password protected FTP accounts for updating their web sites. Anonymous FTP service is also available.

Website Tracking and Reports
We install Google Analytics for free.

VTweb can act as an e-mail relay server. While we do not yet offer dial-up access, we can relay e-mail sent to your virtual domain to another designated e-mail account.

Quick Reference
Unlimited email accounts
Linux or Windows platform
Unlimited storage space
Content management (CMS)
FTP access per client request
24 hour pager service
Unlimited sub-domain
Unlimited domain redirect
Asp, Asp.net, or php hosting
Email basic spam and virus filter
Database: mySQL
Unique IP Address
SSL & security certificate per client request

VTweb can co-locate your server on our local network, and have access through our T1 to the Internet. Examples would be RealAudio servers, dedicated web servers, or database engines.

Search Engine
We can create a customized search engine for your site, utilizing software from Excite.

Set-up and customization designed to match your website.

Website hosting environments are Linux and Windows 2000. Hosting software is Linux/Apache, with FrontPage extensions available, and IIS 5.0. Our Internet feed is a dedicated T1 line, with current peak utilization at 60% of total capacity.